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About Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Security

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Security exists to facilitate the provision of safe and secure environment for sustainable national development in Malawi. It plays a crucial role in the provision of advisory services on specific and general matters of concern in the area of security to other ministries, departments and the general public. These are reflected in our Vision and Mission statements and our Corporate Objectives at ministry-level

The Ministry is composed of the Ministry Headquarters, Malawi Police Service , Malawi Prisons Service, Immigration Department, Department of Refugees. The Ministry's mandate is derived from Constitutional Provisions, Acts and Government Policies related to the machinery of public service administration.


"Safe and secure environment for all by all"


"To provide safety and security for all persons through protection of life and property; safe, humane custody and rehabilitation of offenders; well managed migration for Malawi and meet the needs of refugees and asylum seekers."

Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security,
Private Bag 331,
Capital City, Lilongwe 3,
Tel: +265 1 789 177 ; Fax:+265 1 789 509

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