Departments of the Ministry of Labour

The Ministry of Labour is comprised of the following departments which have specific mandates:

1. Administration, Management and Support Services

The Department is responsible for the Ministry's general administration and management. It is also responsible for internal auditing; planning, monitoring and evaluation; and information communication and technology management.

2. Labour Services

The Labour Services Department is made up of the following four Divisions:

  • Labour Relations Division

The Division administers and reviews employment and labour relations standards in the work place through enforcement of employment and labour relations laws.

  • Trade Testing Services Division

The Division conducts Trade Tests for artisans' skills from Grades I, II and III.

  • Occupational Safety Directorate

The Directorate administers and reviews occupational safety and health standards in the labour sector through the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

  • Worker's Compensation Division

The Division administers and reviews Workers' Compensation Standards at the work place through the Workers' Compensation Act



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