Future Plans and Programmes for the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Environment: 2009 – 2014


  • Harmonize policies, strategies and programs on Environment and Natural Resources Management (ENRM).
  • Facilitate and strengthen participatory development, implementation and monitoring of natural resources, energy and environmental management activities.
  • Promote research and studies on natural resources, energy and environmental issues.
  • Capacity building in natural resources, energy and environmental policies, legislation and other issues.
  • Facilitate mainstreaming of Environmental Education (EE) in formal education system and build the capacity of EE institutions.
  • To establish and maintain a well equipped network of meteorological stations so as to ensure that meteorological data and information is reliable, up to date and of high quality.
  • To monitor, analyze and predict weather and climate to ensure that the weather forecast is produced for early warning purposes which is vital for advisory purposes in disaster management
  • To provide weather and climate data and information for various socio-economic sectors such as aviation, agriculture, water, marine, construction industry, insurance, tourism, health, sports and recreation.
  • To carry out research and development that would improve quality of weather and climate data and information for the general public.
  • To increase security and reliability of energy supply systems.
  • To increase access to affordable and modern energy services.
  • To stimulate economic development and rural transformation for poverty reduction.


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