About Department of Irrigation and Water Development

Mandate and Core Business
The mandate of the Department is to ascertain a sustainable provision of water supply and sanitation services and implementation of irrigation development programmes in order to contribute to socio-economic growth in Malawi.

The sector's vision "Water and Sanitation for All, Always" endeavors to ensure that every Malawian has equitable access to safe water and sanitation services for sustainable economic development and enhancement of the natural ecosystems

The mission of the Department of irrigation and Water Development is to manage and develop water resources for sustainable, effective and efficient provision of potable water, sanitation and irrigation systems in support of Malawi's economic growth and development agenda.

 Departments of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Development

1. Water Resources Department

The purpose of this Department is to develop and manage water resources in the country for use by all sectors. The Department is responsible for monitoring, assessment, conservation, management and development of surface water resources; exploitation and management of ground water resources; monitoring, assessment and management of water quality and pollution control; administration of Water Resources Act; and
implementing regional and international agreements and obligations on transboundary water courses.

The Department is organized into four Divisions namely; Surface Water, Ground Water, Water Quality and Pollution Control and
Water Resources Board Secretariat.

2. Water Supply and Sanitation Department

The purpose of this Department is to provide safe water supply services to rural communities and supervise the delivery of water supply and sanitation to town and urban centers by the Water Boards. The Department oversees formulation of sector policies, and setting of technical standards and procedures for the provision of services; planning, designing and construction of water supply schemes; and training of communities in proper management of water supply schemes.

The Department is organized into two divisions and one section namely; the Planning, Design and Construction Division, the
Operations Maintenance, Monitoring and Evaluation Division and the Community Based Management (CBM) Section.

3. Irrigation Department

The purpose of this Department is to promote socio-economic development through irrigated agriculture that is sustainable over time, economically justified, financially viable, socially acceptable and technically sound without causing unacceptable impacts on the environment. The Department develops effective, efficient and appropriate irrigation technologies; promotes and engages smallholder farmers in small scale irrigation; and develops  appropriate training programmes to enhance capacity building in irrigation.

The Department is made up of six divisions namely; Irrigation Research and Development Services; Planning, Designing and Operations; Irrigation Planning; Training and Advisory Services; Human Resource Management and Office Services; and Accounts.

4. Management and Support Services

This Department is responsible for the provision of support services to the Technical Divisions at District level. The Department provides Accounting and Auditing Services; Management of Human Resources and Personnel records, Procurement, Management and Distribution of Stores; and Planning and Policy Review

The Department is divided into the following sections; Ministers Office; Human Resources Management; Management and Support Services; Planning and Policy Review; Financial and Audit Management; and Stores.

6. Sanitation and Hygiene

The Department is responsible for providing policy direction and coordination of the sanitation and hygiene sub sector programmes. It also provides regulatory framework for the provision and management of adequate sanitary facilities with hand washing at all functions and gatherings both private and public, where food is provided. The Department also ensures holistic planning, designing and development of sanitation programmes; and promote private sector participation and investment in the delivery of water supply and sanitation services.


Address: Department of Irrigation and Water Development,

Tikwere House, City Centre,

Private Bag 390, Capital City,

Lilongwe 3, Malawi.

Telephone: +265 1 770 344
Fax: +265 1 773 737
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