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OPC Departments and Units

The OPC is comprised of the following departments and units, which have specific mandates in the Public Sector:

1. OPC Headquarters

The OPC Headquarters is the main Secretariat of the Presidency, the Cabinet as well the Public Sector as a whole. It is responsible for the day to day operations of the Presidency, the Cabinet and the Malawi Public Sector.

2. Department of Human Resource Management and Development

The Department of Human Resource Management and Development is mandated through the Public Service Act of 1994 to be responsible for Public Service administration and management.

3. Department of Nutrition, HIV/AIDS

The Department of Nutrition, HIV and AIDS was established in August 2004 with the mandate to provide policy direction, guidance, oversight, coordination, monitoring and evaluation and facilitate the creation of implementation structures and capacity building on issues of nutrition, HIV and AIDS in Malawi.

4. Department of Disaster Management Affairs

The Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) is responsible for coordinating and directing disaster risk management programmes in the country in order to improve and safeguard the quality of life of Malawians, especially those vulnerable to and affected by disasters.

5. Department of Statutory Corporations

The Department of Statutory Corporations mandate is to ensure parastatal sectors optimal utilization and management of resources, in compliance with Government regulations, thereby contributing to national development. The Department provides financial, administrative and managerial oversight to the parastatal sector.

6. The National Registration Bureau

The National Registration Bureau was officially set up in 2007 and it is mandated to establish the National Registration and Identification System (NRIS) for Malawi.

7. Public Sector Reforms Management Unit

Government in 2007 established the Public Sector Reforms Management Unit in the Office of the President and Cabinet to coordinate all the reform processes in the public sector. Public sector reforms have focused on policy, legal, institutional, organizational and human resources aspects of the Public Sector.

8. The Department of Printing Services

The Government Press is responsible for printing services in Government.



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