Achievements of the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs
  • Created a Commercial Division of the High Court in 2007 to clear the backlog of commercial cases and expedite the hearing of commercial cases.
  • Introduced mandatory mediation and conciliation proceedings to resolve disputes through negotiation before filing proceedings in the High Courts. This has reduced the number of cases filled and given the Judges ample time to deal with cases in the High Court.
  • The Directorate of Public Prosecution and the Legal Aid Department have opened offices in Mzuzu to handle cases in the Northern Region.
  • Significantly reduced homicide backlog to less than 520 remandees in all the prisons compared to 1500 in 2005.
  • Negotiated an extradition treaty between Malawi and Zambia to enhance cooperation in the administration of criminal matters with plans underway to extend this to Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa.
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