Physical Assets Management Division

The Physical Assets Management (PAM) is a division under the Health Technical Support Services (HTSS) department. The PAM Division is headed by a Deputy Director at the Ministry headquarters. It has four (4) regional offices across the country known as Referral Maintenance Units (RMU) headed by Chief Medical Engineers. Currently the PAM Division has five (5) Medical Engineers and  eight (8) Medical Engineering Technicians serving twenty eight (28) District Hospitals, five (5) referral hospitals (Mzuzu, Kamuzu, Zomba  Central Hospitals and Zomba Mental Hospital) and over four hundred (400) health centres across the country.

Its major mandate is to ensure that all physical assets i.e. infrastructure and equipment are both available and functional in all the government health institutions.

Other functions of the division are:-

  • To guide the procurement of medical and hospital equipment through the provision of up- to-date specifications, evaluation and inspection of the equipment to ensure that only appropriate equipment are procured for the hospitals.
  • To oversee the installation and commissioning of new equipment.
  • To supervise service contracts for the sophisticated medical equipment such as computed tomography (CT) scanners, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners, some laboratory equipment etc.
  • To coordinate and regulate donation of medical and hospital equipment.
  • To assess and recommend obsolete equipment for boarding off.
  • To conduct user training to hospital workers on the correct and safe operation of various medical equipment.
  • To develop and update the ministry's physical assets registry through the use of a software known as PLAMAHS (Planning and Management of Assets in the Health Service)
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