About Pharmaceutical Services

The Pharmaceutical Services is part of the Directorate of Health Technical Support Services of the Ministry of Health. The Pharmaceutical Sector in general and the public pharmaceutical sector in particular continues to contribute significantly to the improvement of the health of Malawians through equitable access and rational use of good quality, safe, efficacious medicines and supplies at affordable cost with particular attention to vulnerable sections of the population.

Strategic Areas

The four strategic areas of prime attention to the sector are:

  1. Medicines Policy that ensures the implementation and monitoring of national medicines policies.
  2. Access that is aimed to enable attainment of equitable financing, affordability, and delivery of essential medicines.
  3. Quality and Safety to assure the quality and safety of medicines by strengthening and implementation of regulatory and quality assurance standards.
  4. Rational use to promote therapeutically sound and cost-effective use of medicines by health workers and consumer.

These strategic areas mentioned above are elaborated in the current five year National Pharmaceutical Strategic Plan (2009 - 2014) of the Ministry of Health.


  • To develop sustainable HR capacity in Pharmaceutical sector
  • To promote the safety, quality, efficacy and sound use of traditional and complementary medicines
  • To strengthen mechanisms to harmonize and align activities among stakeholders in the pharmaceutical sector within the framework of government priorities and procedures.
  • To build and maintain capacity in management of medicines and medical supplies that includes rational use and quality assurance of medicines and associated services.
  • To strengthen Good Governance in medicines management and delivery of associated services.


  • Develop a pharmaceutical human resource development plan with clear career progression structure for all pharmaceutical personnel.
  • Build capacity to produce pharmaceutical personnel
  • Build national capacity for good governance in medicines regulation and supply management systems
  • Continue with the reforms of the sector or entire supply chain with particular focus on the Central Medical Stores (CMS)
  • Establish comprehensive communication forum between the pharmaceutical sector and the traditional practitioners
  • Promote collaborative linkages among MOH-departments and programmes, development partners, and other ministries implementing pharmaceutical activities at all levels.
  • Develop appropriate and sustainable systems in data management
  • Strengthen mechanisms for selection, forecasting, quantification, and procurement of medicines and medical supplies.
  • Improve drug budgeting, financing and allocation formula
  • Strengthen warehousing and distribution infrastructure at all levels.
  • Develop a mechanism for regular review of formulary, guidelines, policies and other reference materials related to RUM
  • Develop a mechanism of empowering communities on RUM
  • Strengthen QA aspects and infrastructure according to levels of the supply chain.
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