Department of Information Systems and Technology Management Services (DISTMS)


To manage & administer ICT products and services in the Public Service. The Department is the focal point for ICT matters in Malawi. The Department is responsible for developing ICT policies and strategies; coordinating the implementation of ICT projects; management of government ICT projects and systems; capacity development for ICT human resources at National, Sectoral and at Civil Service levels.  The Department is also responsible for participating in regional and international ICT initiatives on behalf of the Government of Malawi.


" Empowered society through ICT "

The Department envisions a Malawi where accurate and relevant information is available to everyone through more intensive use of information and communication technology; a Malawi where people do not have to travel long distances to get information or to deliver information.  The Department further envisions a Malawian society whose development is centred on easy access to relevant information.  The Department is championing the development of a new and dedicated ICT sector and industry in the country.

Mission Statement

To promote, coordinate and support the utilisation of Information and Communication Technology through the development of innovative ICT products and services in order to accelerate the implementation of the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy"



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