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Cabinet List Effective 8th July, 2020

The Cabinet of Malawi is the executive branch of the government, made up of the President of Malawi, Vice President, Ministers and Deputy Ministers responsible for the different departments.

Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera
The State President of the Republic of Malawi Commander-in-Chief of the Malawi Defence Force and Minister of Defence.
Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima
The State Vice President of the Republic of Malawi and Minister of Economic Planning, Development and Public Sector Reforms.
Honourable Lobin C. Lowe, MP
Minister of Agriculture
Honourable Eisenhower Nduwa Mkaka, MP
Minister of Foreign Affairs.
HonourableTitus Mvalo.
Minister of Justice.
Honourable Nancy Tembo,MP: Minister of Forestry and Natural Resources.
Honourable Gospel Kazako.
Minister of Information.
Honourable Chrissie Kamanga Kalamula Kanyasho, MP: Deputy Minister of Health.
Honourable Abida Sidik Mia, MP
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Honourable Felix Mlusu
Minister of Finance
Honourable Patricia Kaliati: Minister of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare
Honourable Agnes Nyalonje.
Minister of Education
Honourable Kezzie Kasambala Msukwa, MP
Minister of Lands.
Honourable Ulemu Msungama, MP: Minister of Youth and Sports.
Honourable Jean Muonaowauza Sendeza, MP: Deputy Minister of Defense.
Honourable Madalitso Wirima Kambauwa, MP: Deputy Minister of Education
Honourable Richard Chimwendo Banda, MP: Minister of Homeland Security.
Honourable Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda, MP
Minister of Health.
Honourable Sosten Alfred Gwengwe, MP
Minister of Trade.
Honourable Roy Akajuwe Kachale-Banda, Minister of Industry.
Honourable Agnes Nkusa Nkhoma, MP: Deputy Minister of Agriculture.
Honourable Halima Alima Daud, MP: Deputy Minister of Local Government
Honorable Michael Bizwick Usi: Minister of Tourism, Culture & Wildlife.
Honourable Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo: Minister of Civic Education and National Unity.
Honourable Rashid Abdul Gaffar.
Minister of Mining.
Honourable Nancy Chaola Mdooko, MP: Deputy Minister of Transport and Public Works.
Honourable Vera Kamtukule
Deputy Minister of Labour