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Chakwera commits to continue developing Malawi 

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has said he remains focused on serving Malawians by bringing them development, emphasizing that this is the reason people voted for him. 

Chakwera expressed these sentiments on Wednesday during a development rally at UNICEF Ground in Chinsapo, Lilongwe after presiding over the groundbreaking for construction of the new Lilongwe bridge and inspecting 100 houses for security personnel at Chinsapo.

President Chakwera underscored his focus to spearhead development contributing to recovery and growth of the country's economy which suffered from shocks originating from the Covid-19 pandemic, Cholera outbreak, tropical storms Anna and Gombe, as well as cyclone Freddy.

He highlighted that the newly launched project, along with various road upgrades in Lilongwe, will make the city a source of pride for the country.

Meanwhile, the President has directed the Minister of Transport to ensure quality work and speed in the ongoing construction and rehabilitation of roads in the country. He also urged the minister to ensure that all roads whose construction is yet to commence do so promptly.

Minister of Transport and Public Works, Jacob Hara, thanked Chakwera for initiating road infrastructure developments across the country, emphasizing that transport remains key to economic development.

He said construction of the new Lilongwe bridge and upgrading of the roads will ease traffic flow, reducing travel times, improve service provision, and benefiting the economy.

In his remarks, Japanese Ambassador to Malawi, Yoichi Oya said Japan remains committed to supporting malawi in its efforts in spearheading infrastructure development.

He said construction of the new Lilongwe bridge and upgrading of its road stretch has provided employment opportunities and once completed the structure will strengthen connectivity of Malawi to the countries in southern part of Africa as the new bridge sits on the international corridor.

Senior Chief Chadza commended President Chakwera's sound leadership characterized by numerous gains, such as the resumption of direct budgetary support from donors after winning their trust, unity and peace, independent operations of governance institutions, uninterrupted power supply, free water connection, as well as infrastructure developments in the country.